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THE MHK STORY: MHK Architecture was founded in 2009 by Matthew Kragh, AIA. Starting out as a simple vision, the driving principles of the firm were strongly based upon character, reputation, talent and hard work. Now approaching the firm’s 10th year of practice, the firms portfolio includes approximately 550 homes throughout Florida, the Caribbean, the Carolinas, the New England and the Cape Areas as well as Colorado. MHK has office locations in Naples FL, Ft Myers FL, Palm Beach FL, Greenville SC, Highlands NC and Aspen CO. Since its 2009 beginning, the firm has grown into a collaborative of 40 design professionals. In addition to residential work, the firm also specializes in Resorts, Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Commercial and Multi-family Residential projects. With a strong commitment to excellence and a desire to exceed their clients expectations, MHK has created a great amount of respect in the design and construction industry. At MHK ARCHITECTURE, we make the design process between owner and architect and owner, architect, contractor simple and efficient. When you sign a contract with MHK, you are never locked into a financial burden. We carefully phase our work as to always obtain owner approvals and make sure our design aligns with the client’s vision. These phases often include: THE IDEA OR “PARTI” OF DESIGN: In Architect’s jargon, the word “Parti” means “Big Idea”. The design Parti typically comes from the client. This is typically in the form of a program of spaces. Programming is the activity of determining the “program”, or set of needs that a project requires. SCHEMATIC DESIGN PHASE: After establishing the program for a project, the focus in the architectural design process shifts from what the problems are to how to solve those problems. During schematic design, the focus is on the “scheme,” or overall high-level design. Here, minor details should be ignored to instead focus on creating a coherent solution that encompasses the project as a whole. On a residential project, this phase will typically include a site plan outlining the zoning and site restraints, a floor plan to give the big picture and a front elevation so the client can understand the overall direction of the project. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASE: During the design development phase of the architectural design process, the scheme is refined into the final design. In previous phases, the focus has been on the project as a whole. During Design Development, in becomes important to give individual attention to each aspect, each space and each detail of the project. On a residential project, this phase will typically include the remaining building elevations, reflected ceiling plans, roof plans and building sections in order to get the project “engineering ready”. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENT PHASE: At this stage of the architectural design process, the focus shifts from design to communicating the design and providing all information necessary for construction. Engineering is coordinated through this phase into the design of the project. Construction details are developed to give the contractor the insight to construct the project. On commercial projects, life safety plans are created for permitting. CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION PHASE: The last phase in the architect’s model, the construction administration phase takes place during building construction. In this phase, the architect will be responsible for shop drawing review, submittal review, and construction observation to make sure what is being built meets the design intent. In this process, MHK acts as the owner’s representative. This phase can range from one site visit every month to one site visit every day depending on the owner’s needs and the skill level of the contractor.