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Leadership Highlands 2024

What is Leadership Highlands? 

Leadership Highlands is an educational program aimed at emerging and existing leaders in the Highlands community, offering an opportunity to enhance civic knowledge, leadership skills and network. Those selected commit to and engage in an eight-month curriculum, from March through October, that includes a retreat, day-long classes each month, a variety of enrichment workshops and projects, and a graduation ceremony.

Leadership Highlands brings together local experts and class members to engage and discuss topics such as Highlands’ history and cultural resources, economic development, government and public safety, health and human resources, education, arts and outdoor recreation. Personal leadership skills are developed through principle-based decision-making and team-building exercises.

Selection criteria includes civic involvement, leadership potential, diversity of perspective and commitment to the program and the Highlands community. A committee comprised of Highlands Chamber of Commerce staff, Board of Directors members and previous participants selects the class.

Class Roster: Leadership Highlands 2024:

Clark de Bullet

Seanna Bresnahan

Lesley Galloway

Debby Hall

Lindsay Hostetler

Deborah Kirk

Bianca Mitchell

Mia Nelson

Tina Rogers

Cynthia Shahed

Andrew Spraggins

Julie Upshaw

Christina Vives

Rachel Wavra 

Class Roster: Leadership Highlands 2023:

William Beck

Joshua Bryson

Michelle Davis

Timothy Dearth

Christopher Duffy

Johanna Fein

Keith Gilbert

Daryl Griswold

Jane Jerry

James Spencer

Margaret Shutze

Carol Taylor

Jerry Wilson

Leadership Highlands

Class Roster: Leadership Highlands 2022:

Beth Acker 

Bob Baxter 

Kyle Bryner

Waylon Chastain

Kurt Damron  

Anthony De Nardis

Cole Fuhrman 

Virginia Holland 

Christopher Lee Lugo 

Carlyn Morenus 

Ginger Moseley

John Muir 

Katy Postell-Dearth 

Tracy Wade

Rachel Wilson