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Unique Shopping in Highlands, NC

Highlands is fertile grounds for the small business seeds planted and nurtured by generations of dreamers and passionate merchants. These are individuals, and couples, and families who have wagered that their unique visions of retail glory will resonate with Highlands’ unique blend of locals, and those just looking for a getaway. 

If you’re not sure what we mean, stroll the downtown with open eyes and an adventurer’s spirit and you’ll be dazzled. Take the time to browse the collections. Chat with the owners. You’ll be ensorcelled by gift that reveals itself to you. Click here to see what your day of treasure hunting in shops and enjoying elevated dining could be.

Park and Walk is an unheralded benefit of life in a little town with a vibrant downtown Main Street. If your concept of healthy living leans toward retail therapy, Downtown Highlands is just the tonic. Parking and additional retailers can easily be found on Spring Street, Fourth Street and Carolina Way and you’ll earn a few extra steps too!