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Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Indulge in the diverse libations of Highlands, NC where craft beers, fine wines, and expertly crafted cocktails converge to elevate your taste experience. From local brews that capture the essence of the mountains to exquisite wines that complement the scenic views, and artisanal cocktails crafted with precision-each sip is a journey through the flavors of this charming mountain town.

Wine Lovers

For the connoisseur searching for quality, Highlands is home to shops for selecting rare and hard-to-find wines, impressive selections of bottles, tastings and accessories as well. And we have three Wine Spectator restaurants and many others that have wine lists and cellars not to miss! You will also find great sommeliers and knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding something new or revisiting your favorite wine. 

Wine is meant to be shared, share a glass soon in Highlands, NC.