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A membership with the Highlands Chamber of Commerce is your commitment to a thriving Highlands, NC.  The role of Highlands chamber is: 1) to promote, with its maximum resources, the development of new and expanded payrolls (an economic development responsibility), and 2) to work for a continuous upgrading of the "product", which is the community it serves.

We understand that the health and vitality of the business sector are affected by the health and vitality of the community. Our question is "What kind of a community do we want ours to be?"  Cities and towns are what their citizens make them. The chamber of commerce is the vehicle through which the community's needs are met.

Highlands Chamber also serves as Visit Highlands, NC (destination marketing) which informs, connects, and inspires our residents and visitors with the goal to drive destination economic impact, job creation, community sustainability, and quality of life through travel.

The Highlands Chamber of Commerce appreciates your desire to think into the future. Join us. Together our community is stronger.

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About Us

The town of Highlands was founded in 1875 by two developers living in Kansas who, according to legend, took a map in hand and drew a line from New York to New Orleans. Then they drew another line from Chicago to Savannah. These lines, they…


THE HIGHLANDS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND VISIT HIGHLANDS, NC  Physical Address: 108 Main Street, Highlands, NC 28741