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To Really See Highlands, Ya Gotta Go High! One part scenic sightseeing tour, one part heart-pumping adventure. Our canopy tours will whisk you through our 95-acres of stunning North Carolina scenery. You’ll glimpse some of the best views in the state while enjoying some of the best ziplining in the country. Go big on the Full Mountaintop Zipline Tour! Our Premium Ziplining Experience! This tour includes 17 unique aerial elements including our 1,550′ (five football fields!) long “Squealing Mare Zipline” which flies you between two mountain peaks. 8 thrilling ziplines 17 unique aerial elements Ziplines up to 210' high & 1,550' long The best views of Highlands 2 super fun, experienced guides Start small on the Half Mountaintop Zipline Tour! Half the Zips, but a Whole Lot of Fun. If you’re new to this type of adventure, ease in with our half tour. It consists of the first four zipline rides of our Full Mountaintop Zipline Tour, which are a little lower and slower than the more thrilling zips later in the course. All guests will have the opportunity to extend their tour to the Full tour. 4 thrilling ziplines 9 unique aerial elements Ziplines up to 45' high & 400' long Beautiful views of Highlands 2 super fun, experienced guides The Brave Indian. A Tree to Tree Adventure for ages 4 and up. Adventure from tree to tree in this challenge course tucked in the woods of High Holly Mountain. Designed for almost all ages (ages 4+), The Brave Indian features two ziplines and seven challenge elements that will test your group together in the great outdoors. Who will coast across the suspension bridge? Who will dominate the balance beam? Brave Indian bragging rights are up for grabs. 3 Rider Giant Mountain Swing! This Isn’t Your Average Backyard Swing! It’s your backyard swing on steroids. Nestled amongst sky-high pines, our triple-seater suspends one to three brave adventurers from the treetops for a rush you haven’t felt since your first trip to the playground. We pull you four stories high, then one member of your trio pulls the ripcord dropping you into an exhilarating, 80-foot arc through the trees. Dual 40' Tree Climb Race to the Sky! Climb side by side with a friend or family member 40′ up 2 trees (with varying levels of difficulty) in an epic race to the top on rock climbing handholds and an auto belay. Guided UTV Tours Take a slow, passive (guides drive) historical and ecological tour through our 95 acre property. Each tour can take 2-4 people and lasts approximately 75-90 minutes. Make a Day of It. Add more fun and excitement to your stay! Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing hike on our Hidden Falls Nature Trail, or reignite your childhood joy with the biggest swing you’ve ever ridden, or race up to the sky on our Dual 40' Tree Climb, your zipline adventure is just the start of your best vacation day ever. Spend the day on our 95 acre property!