Highlands, with its storied past and timeless allure, has long been a haven for travelers seeking respite from the ordinary. In the heart of this charming town, two of its oldest establishments, The Highlands Inn and Old Edwards Inn and Spa, stand as living testaments to a bygone era. As we explore their rich histories, we unveil the captivating tales of these iconic landmarks that have withstood the test of time.

The Highlands Inn
Nestled on Main Street, The Highlands Inn was erected in 1880, a testament to the town's early days. With its original architecture intact, this historic gem offers an unhurried ambiance that transcends its central location. Guests, drawn by its charm, return year after year, perhaps enticed by the occasional spectral visit from the ghost of Miss Major, a former owner with a penchant for propriety.

Old Edwards Inn and Spa
What began as Central House in 1878 evolved into The Edwards Hotel in 1914, under the ownership of J. Grover Edwards, the Highlands Police Chief. Purchased in 1981 by Rip and Pat Benton, the property underwent extensive renovations and emerged as The Old Edwards Inn. Today, Art and Angela Williams continue the legacy, turning a once humble boarding house into an internationally acclaimed resort destination, earning prestigious awards.

Highlander Mountain House
The Highlander Mountain House, formerly known as The Main Street Inn, was originally crafted in 1881 as a residence for retired sea captain Charles A. Boynton. Transforming over the years from a boarding house to a renowned restaurant, this historic inn found new life in 2020. Retaining its architectural charm, the Highlander Mountain House offers an updated, eclectic atmosphere that pays homage to its roots.

Skyline Lodge
Tracing its origins to the 1930s, the Skyline Lodge was envisioned as a private hunting lodge and men's club. Designed by architects Arthur Kelsey and Herb Millkey, its completion eluded them. In 1965, Derek Grumbar breathed life into the lodge, perched at the foot of Flat Mountain. After more than 80 years, the lodge underwent a transformative renovation in 2021, becoming a haven for modern travelers while preserving its timeless feel.

In the heart of Highlands, these historic establishments stand not just as accommodations but as living chronicles of a town shaped by time. From spectral encounters to international acclaim, each inn and lodge weaves a unique tapestry, inviting guests to be a part of Highlands' rich narrative. As you traverse the thresholds of these establishments, you not only find a place to rest but an opportunity to step back in time and become a part of the legacy that defines Highlands' hospitality.