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Whitewater River

The Whitewater River above the Highway 281 bridge is accessible by several fishermen paths. 

The paths start out well defined but disappear quickly. From Cashiers take Highway 107 south, go past the South Carolina State border. Approximately 9 1⁄4 miles south of Cashiers, 1 mile past the state line, you will come to Wigington Road (SC 413). There are several signs at the intersection. They read “Whitewater Falls 3 Mi.”, To Salem”, To SC 103”. Turn left onto Wigington Road and drive 2 1⁄4 miles to the stop sign at SC 130. Turn left and drive 2.0 miles to the bridge over the Whitewater River, approximately 0.8 miles past entrance to Whitewater Falls. Park your vehicle at the bridge, there are pull-offs on both sides of the bridge. From the bridge follow the fishermen trails down to the river. Once at the river pick your way up river until you find a spot that suits you.