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Chattooga River

The upper Chattooga River above the Iron Bridge on Bull Pen Road is an easily accessible native 
trout stream. The stream can be accessed by a trail beginning at the Iron Bridge and continuing 
along the river for approximately 2 miles upstream. Caution should always be used in wading 
this stream due to numerous deep holes and an abundance of boulders and shelf rocks. The 
Chattooga holds a good population of both Brown and Rainbow trout. As a native trout stream, 
regulations require single hook artificial lures only and four fish, seven-inch minimum limit. 
Directions: To get to the Chattooga River at the Iron Bridge, you will pass through a beautiful hidden valley nestled between the mountains. The road is very windy, so care must be taken while driving. Take Main Street which becomes Horse Cove Road and drive approximately 4 miles. Here, the pavement ends and two gravel roads split. Take the right fork to get on Bull Pen Road. From here, it is approximately 3 miles to the parking area at the Iron Bridge.