Highlands’ Main Street has many interior design businesses, furniture stores and home décor shops.  From carefully curated stores to upscale second hand shopping, decorating your home is easy in Highlands. Whether you are decorating your home in Highlands or decorating your home away from Highlands, you are sure to find unique pieces that can bring a touch of Highlands inside your home. 

Here are a few of the town's furniture stores, interior design boutiques, and antique shops worth checking out to adorn your space with the distinct warmth of Highlands.

Dutchman’s Casual Living
Dutchman’s Casual Living store is located on Main Street in Highlands and is not hard to miss. The store typically has seasonal decorations on display outside the store and you are enticed into the store with the smell of the wonderful candles wafting out their open doors. You can find everything from bedding, rugs, furniture, lighting, and more at Dutchman’s.

ACP Home Interiors
A trip to Highlands for home decor is incomplete without a visit to ACP Home Interiors. Located on Dillard Road, a few minutes from town, this store’s curated home furnishings range from Industrial, Farmhouse, Transitional and Mountain Chic designs. ACP seamlessly marries sophistication with mountain aesthetics, offering a range of furnishings and accessories that elevate your home.

The Dry Sink
Since 1972, The Dry Sink has been offering Highlands unique gifts and merchandise from gourmet kitchenware to greeting cards and other gift ideas. You can find everything you need to fill your kitchen with cookware, gadgets, appliances and more. 

Full House Gallery
At Full House Gallery you can find new and high-end consignment furniture and home goods. You can find art from local Highlands artists and unique pieces from artists across the southeast. Finding a unique piece of art or furniture is easy at Full House Gallery. 

Acorn's invites you to discover a fusion of fashion and home decor. This boutique seamlessly integrates designer fashions with unique home furnishings, offering a comprehensive shopping experience.

As you traverse the home decor landscape in Highlands, each store becomes a portal to a unique facet of mountain elegance. Whether you prefer rustic charm, coastal vibes, or modern chic, Highlands offers a diverse array of options to transform your space into a haven of comfort and style. Let the journey through these boutiques and galleries inspire you to curate a home that reflects the unparalleled beauty and warmth of Highlands, NC. To find more home decorating stores in Highlands, North Carolina, click here