Calendar Events for April, 2015

When: April 4th 10:00am
Where: Highlands Rec Park & Civic Center
What: Community Easter Egg Hunt
When: Sunday April 5th
Where: Highlands Area Resturants
What: Easter Brunch at Area Resturants
When: April 19th
Where: Martin Lipscomb Performing Arts Center, Highlands
What: Bolshoi Ballet: Ivan the Terrible
When: April 25th
Where: Martin Lipscomb Performing Arts Center, Highlands
What: MET: Cavallenia Rusticana and Pagliacca
When: April 25th 9:30am
Where: Highlands Visitor Center
What: Annual Gorge Clean-Up
This year's cleanup will be in honor of Jacpot, who started the clean-up many years ago, and tagged the slogan, "Come help bag the Gorge", Let's clean up the trash that has accumulated over the past year then enjoy a cook-out at Cliffside Lake. If you would like to volunteer call Jennifer Cunningham
When: April 30th- May 2nd
Where: Highlands NC
What: Three Rivers Fly Fishing Tournament
Catch and release only tournament
Artificial flies used only
All team members must have valid fishing licenses and trout stamps for streams being fished in each state
Team must be checked out anytime after 7:30 a.m.
Team must be checked back in by 6 p.m.
Team members must adhere to honor code on quantity and length of fish caught
All teams are encouraged to digitally photograph catches
Photos will be collected at the end of each day
Teams must fish within the designated tournament boundary

The Chandler Inn

The Vineyard at 37 High Holly

Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival

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