Neighbors Helping Neighbors

We in Highlands have always had a strong community spirit, as evidenced by our numerous churches, community leaders, concerned residents and non-profits bear witness. In these unprecedented times, the need for help may become more personal. The sheltering in place can place a real strain on our daily life, especially for those in the high-risk groups. Staying home and away from possible contamination is of the highest priority for some, and this can make daily life difficult.  

The simple task of going to the grocery store, getting school supplies, and needed repairs could be difficult. As we move into a new world of working from home and home-schooling people may be overwhelmed with setting up a computer. Sometimes help is just a call away, but we don’t know who to call. There is a myriad of challenges that may face us.  


The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is being set up to accomplish these objectives: 

  • Create a single point of contact for services that are already being provided by the good people of Highlands. 
  • Enable people to call or go to the website and learn how they can help and become a volunteer. 
  • To provide a website and call-in service, for anyone to ask for assistance, learn about what is being provided and receive support. 


What Services Can We Provide? 

-Weekly Grocery/Food Pantry Pickup and Delivery 

-Pharmacy Pickup and Delivery 

-Post Office Mail Pickup and Delivery 

-Simple Home Repairs  

-Simple Auto Assistance 

-Simple Remote Computer Help 

-Others as Required 


What’s Next? 

The Highlands Chamber of Commerce is:  

  • Developing a master list of current community services 
  • Recruiting individuals to list their talents and ability to help 


How will it work? 

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program will be staffed with both Operations Volunteers and Responder Volunteers. Upon receiving an assistance request, either through the website or call, the Operations Volunteer will: 

  • Check the list of available support to determine what can be utilized  
  • Coordinate directly with the organization or volunteer for needed support 
  • Pair the Responder with the Neighbors 
  • Volunteers will follow all safety protocols, coordinate a time to accomplish the task, and report the results to the Operations Volunteer. 
  • The Operations Volunteer will monitor all support and ensure our Neighbor has been assisted as best we can. 


Where to go to volunteer or be helped? 

Charter and Volunteers: 

Request Help: 

(828) 482-8200 

Volunteer Sign-up:

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to work out additional details:

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