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Zen Spa

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With a pure passion for facilitating peace, calm, balance, tranquility and total awareness for busy lives and lifestyles, Sharon Williams more so Angel Joy founded Zen SPA to pass these noble aspirations on to all beings. To accomplish her goals, Angel utilizes the power of touch through skillful, excellent massage therapy and body talk. Clients of Zen SPA comes from all walks of life, but seek the same goal of obtaining a natural path toward well-being. Our clients are dedicated to finding and maintaining balance. Through our many customized massages and treatments, Zen SPA seeks to create a "Zen you" so you can create a "Zen World". Zen Spa Menu of Services Warm Basalt Mountain Stones Massage: We use warm stones throughout the body to melt away stressors, leaving you feeling very relaxed in a state of blissfulness Goddess Aromatherapy Blissful Massage: Customized aromatherapy just for you, followed by blissful beautiful customized massage Deep Muscle Asian Massage: Deep muscle therapeutic touch that removes stagnations, trigger points, muscle soreness and improves range of motion Steamy Towels and Arnica Treatment: A luxurious anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, muscle soreness relief, anti-stress treatment will leave you in a state of bliss Warm Mu-Xing Bamboo Massage: Great for pure relaxation Head, Neck, Shoulder & Feet Rejuvenation Massage: Customized reflexology and salt scrub, restores tired and achy feet back to bliss, this treatment includes an upper body massage Zen-full Rose Mother-to-be Massage: A very relaxing massage treatment for both prenatal and postnatal