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KILLER BEES HONEY was started by Sean & Denise, a husband and wife team committed to protecting our ecosystem and biodiversity through sustainable bee stewardship and honey harvesting practices. We recognize that honey bees as a sentinel species, necessary for keeping the forest alive, are also responsible for pollinating up to 70% of all of our food sources. They are the lifeblood of a sustainable environment and healthy planet. A healthy planet requires healthy bees. We practice ecologically sound methods of managing bees and harvesting honey. Our business is driven by a bee-centric approach, not profits, market share or sales volume. Killer Bees Honey is not a honey packer or marketing company. We do not purchase honey from other beekeepers. All honey is harvested and hand bottled from our own Appalachian forest apiaries, we control honey purity at every step of the process. Derived from the abundant natural goodness of the forest, our honey is tested by 3 independent labs to be free from toxins and pesticides. Killer Bees Honey is minimally filtered, never heated or pasteurized. We do not blend, infuse, mix or add flavor. Our hive girls keep the forest alive with their pollination sorties and produce the purest, organic artisanal honey on the planet. Visit us for an eco-tour to learn and taste more about our deliciously serious mission.