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You have invested a lot of time and money in your Highlands home. Finding just the right property, renovating it, and then outfitting it to be exactly what you want. Now you just want to relax and enjoy. Participate in all the fun and activities that living in Highlands brings. Without the headaches of getting the home ready for your visit, fixing those pesky items that keep popping up, keeping the home clean and ready. Then worrying about it all the time you are not there. Highlands Concierge and Management (HCM) is here to help you do just that. HCM is a full-service, one stop provider to help you get the most enjoyment from your Highlands home and experience. With over 5 years experience in the Highlands area, we know the proper way to do things. Our attention to service and quality has made us a local leader. At HCM, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. We can get your home ready for your arrival, run errands and do special chores for you. We can help you do yard work, and maintenance or improvements on you property. We can keep your home spotless and fresh, organized exactly the way you like it. We can close your home when you leave, getting it ready for winter, where we can keep an eye on it weekly. Visit the various Services pages to get detailed information about what we can do for you, and go to the Contact Us page to start a conversation on exactly how we may help you enjoy more of your home and the Highlands experience. We€™re looking forward to working with you.