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As critical as the medical team and its cadre of talent is, the hospital would not be rated as high as it is by the independent rating agencies if our "behind the scenes" professionals did not stand up to scrutiny and pass with flying colors. These areas include patient safety, medical records and the part you do see... our talented and caring admissions people. When you come in for a test, or to be admitted for a more serious illness, the first people you meet are the admissions staff. They take your information, process everything, and enter it into our records so that your file is accurate, complete, and will stand the test of our health insurance partners. They do this in record time and they get you on your way to your next step. Many of you have written to us about how easily this process and we are happy for that experience. Of course, patient safety is paramount in our thinking. We take great care to assure that everything we do has checks and balances and that our long-proven safety procedures are followed and every protocol is adhered to. The same applies to your medical records which must maintain the delicate balance of providing the necessary details so that doctors and nurses who must review them can glean the information they need with a very critical eye toward strict confidentiality. In most cases, we will provide your medical records faster than large city hospitals and usually at no charge. There are rules we must follow and we take this responsibility seriously.