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Our amazing team is made up of industry professionals from all corners of the event planning realm. With the singular goal to produce incredible events while making sure our clients (and us) have a blast while doing it. We think your planning experience should be fun and completely stress-free! Shayna Bigazzi, Owner and Principal Planner Hi there! My journey to Altaterra Events began long ago while living in the Caribbean. I had the opportunity to lead the Turks and Caicos launch of Martha Stewart's Beaches & Sandals Weddings (a partnership between the publishing giant and Luxury Resorts in Turks and Caicos and across the Caribbean). However, it was while working with the Ritz-Carlton that I was able to truly cultivate my love of event design and all of those oh-so-little, but powerful, details. Eventually, my husband and I moved with our two island pups to the United States and Highlands, NC. All of the fun I had until this point lead me exactly to where I belonged- Old Edwards Inn & Spa. For 5 joyous years leading the Special Events Team I created long-lasting industry friendships and got to do what I love most with other amazing hospitality professionals. With over a decade of experience planning events with Luxury Resorts around the world, my expertise, poise, and industry connections, paired with creative thinking and a love of gathering, culminate in Altaterra Events. Let’s talk about your party! Weddings There is nothing more special than your dearest friends and family in one place at one time to celebrate your love. It makes our heart skip a beat to play a role in such a momentous day. We’ll ensure each and every detail is carefully curated and executed leaving no sense untouched. Let’s chat about your big day! Social There is a Greek word for the sense of celebration we aim to invoke - κέφι (Kefi)- It’s known as the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, high spirits, and overpowering emotion. It’s what makes your heart sing and we will ensure you and your guests leave with this elevated sense of κέφι! Corporate Far from business as usual- our Corporate meetings, retreats, incentive programs, and celebrations offer vast settings to inspire and excite. From the Caribbean- to Europe- and everything in between, our portfolio of luxury Resorts around the globe offers all your team and clients could dream of. Additional Specialties Consulting Property Openings Leadership & Development Training & Team Building