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Three Potters Keynote Lecture with Guest Speaker Michael Sherrill

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We invite you to join us for the Three Potters' keynote lecture by acclaimed ceramics artist Michael Sherrill, titled 'Cradle of Craft.

Cradle of Craft

At the time when the Industrial Revolution was changing the world; the people who lived in the beautiful Southern Appalachian mountains were still dependent on their own skills for making the things needed to support their lives and to nourish them, body and soul. Being somewhat isolated and slow to let go the the “old ways” created a culture that supported and preserved craft. Not only was North Carolina the birthplace of Forestry study, but it also became the birthplace of Penland the School of Craft. When I was in high school I aspired to become a potter. In my opinion, the mountains were the most likely place for me to learn, in a culture that was still making things. I have had a birds-eye view of those who have come before me as well as my contemporary fellows and the current generation. I’d like to share with you my observations as I’ve been a part of this art-craft movement and share with you my insights about where I live and work and why it’s so important to the bigger craft and art scene.